Vintage Edinburgh

Edinburgh has many stores catering to tourists who are looking for good quality wool to take home. Some of the stores are high end and carry cashmere and high quality wool, others carry overpriced knock-offs made of acrylic rather than real wool and trinkets. There is an untapped and less well known source for souvenirs... Continue Reading →


Things to Know Before Visiting the Milan Duomo

I visited Milan for the first time at the end of June, and while I really enjoyed my time there, I wish I had done some research before going. Here are my recommendations for anyone planning a trip to Milan.

The Brugge Beer Museum

I have been to Brugge several times in the last year; it is one of my favourite cities in Europe and I take all my friends there when they visit. One of my favourite things to do in any European city is to sit in a main square and have a beer.

Full Day Tour to Stonehenge

I went on a full day Mad Max tour to Stonehenge during my first visit to Bath. The tour made a total of four stops during the day: Castle Combe, Avebury Stone Circle, Lacock, and Stonehenge.

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