The Brugge Beer Museum

I have been to Brugge several times in the last year; it is one of my favourite cities in Europe and I take all my friends there when they visit. One of my favourite things to do in any European city is to sit in a main square and have a beer. This is a very popular thing to do here and so restaurants in the main squares are often more expensive than others nearby. However, I just cannot get used to spending between €10 and €15 on a beer every time I go to Brugge. Living in Germany, I have become accustomed to spending €3 on a good beer and I am always frustrated by the dramatic increase in price, only hours from where I live.


During my last visit to Belgium, I finally found a solution to my frustration with a visit to the Brugge Beer Museum. Located in the Markt square, directly above the store called “Sissy Boy”, the museum is the perfect tourist attraction for adults. Not only is it a fun and interactive display, but it also has the cheapest beer in Belgium. Entry to the museum, including 3 beers at the end of the tour, is only €14 for an adult. That is about the same price that you will pay for a single beer in the square.


Even if you are not looking to save money on beer, the museum is pretty fun and I enjoyed it a lot. You are given an iPad before you go in and you use the iPad to find out more about the things in the museum that interest you. When you point the iPad camera at an item, it uses photo recognition and then presents you with options to learn about the item. You can read about the item, listen to an audioguide, and sometimes take a quiz to test your own knowledge.

IMG_6747You can chose how much time you want to spend in the museum because the tour is self-lead. You can learn about the health benefits of beer, how different parts of the world make beer differently, or about the importance of beer to gender equality. I really enjoyed learning about one of my favourite beers called Westvleteren, which has been voted the best beer in the world 5 times. I found the section on beer and food pairings to be a little bit boring, and skipped it to look for something that appealed more to my interests.


At the end of the tour, you can try three different beers in the bar. The bar carries all of the beers that are mentioned during the tour. If you want to try more beer after the initial three, there are drink specials at the bar for additional taste testing. You can visit the bar without visiting the museum, if you are more interesting in drinking beer than learning about beer.

Bonus: The bar looks out over the square and you will enjoy a much better view from a window table than you will from anywhere else in the city.


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