Ruins Unrecorded

My first trip to Italy was not at all what I had expected. I passed over Rome and the usual tourist sites on that first trip and headed down to Naples. Away from the crowds of tourists, and with the convenience of a car, I saw a side of Italy that most people do not see. The first thing I noticed was the garbage and obvious poverty, side by side the tall gates that enclosed incredible private villas. The second thing were the Roman ruins that are literally EVERYWHERE. There are so many ruins throughout Italy that most of them are not curated or preserved- there are just too many of them. They are roped off in some placed, and in others you can clamber all over them as you like. It was definitely worth venturing off the beaten path to see them and get up close. The best part: it cost nothing to see them!

Pictured above are the Temple Ruins in Pozzuoli, near Naples. Very close to the port, the ruins are an open air exhibit that you can walk around. Someone told me while I was there that they have the most beautifully decorated toilets of all the ancient ruins in Italy but I did not get the chance to go close enough to confirm this.

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