12 Oddities About Moving to Germany from Canada 

I receive a lot of questions about what it was like to move to Germany from Canada. There are a lot of things that I have had to get used to, and some that I don’t think I ever will. Here are a few:

  1. Everyone tries to call you at weird hours because they forget what the time difference is between you and them. Like this one time my cousin and my best friend ran into each in a club in TO and Facetimed me at 5am while I was in Scotland….
  2. Your parents not only rename themselves Hanz and Helga, but then proceed to use their new found aliases at Starbucks… in every country.
  3. People constantly stare at you because everyone else is wearing a winter jacket, but you’re barefoot and walking the dog in shorts.
  4. People begin to ask you directions because you look like you know where you are going, they just don’t ask in a language that you speak.
  5. You meet up with your friends in different countries because you were just “in their neighbourhood”, and you feel like a total badass every time.
  6. All faith is replaced with your devotion to the GPS. You seriously cannot leave the house without it and panic whenever you think someone has stolen it until you realize it got buried in the glovebox (this happens at least once a week).
  7. You use Tinder to find friends who speak English.
  8. You develop freakish calf muscles from walking everywhere. Sure, you could drive or take the bus, but everything is so much closer together than in Canada. Most Europeans think you are strange for wanting to walk everywhere, but you see more this way.
  9. You begin to believe that tap-water only exists in your imagination. You can’t seem to find it anywhere else.
  10. Rationing of the peanut butter becomes necessary. You didn’t realize how much of it you ate until you suddenly couldn’t find anywhere to buy it. The words “Jiff” and “Manna” become synonymous.
  11. When the other members of the household eat the peanut butter, you become weirdly possessive of it and refuse to share. Discord ensues. Minor domestic battles are fought. The cats are the unfortunate casualties.
  12. The laundry room becomes a black hole of despair where your clothes go to shrink and be destroyed. European washers and dryers are TERRIBLE.



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