11 Things I Can’t Travel Without

We all have them, those random items that live at the bottom of your everyday purse. The things you never really need and take up room, but you can’t leave behind in case you happen to need them at some point. Now imagine you travel constantly and live out of the same suitcase for months. What random things would you travel with? Here are mine:

Mini OPI nail polish 

Nail polish is a pretty normal thing to travel with and I’m sure most girls have one or two in their bag when they travel. I have about a dozen and I never pack nail polish remover. Even if I go somewhere for a weekend, I have a selection of colours and no polish remover because I’m worried it will spill in my bag. There is absolutely no rational thinking behind this, it is just something I have always done. I have an unhealthy love of OPI and I HATE sitting down to write without my nails painted. I find my own terrible manicure distracting. My name is Kenyon and I am a nail polish weirdo.

Lense Cleaning Wipes

I have sense cleaning wipes in every bag, purse and wallet that I own. Yet, all of my device screens are dirty because I never use them. I am more likely to give them to someone else, than I am to use them myself. Occasionally, I use them on my sunglasses, but embarrassingly infrequently.

A backup phone

I always pack my old iPhone when I go on trips in case my phone gets lost or stolen. However, I wouldn’t have a SIM card if my phone got lost or stolen, so the backup phone would not be much help. It would not even make a great backup camera because it is so old and takes terrible photos. Yet, I always pack it… just in case.

My combo lock from Middle School

Most hostels provide keys for their security lockers and hotels have safes so I have never used this lock. Miraculously, I still remember the combination, even though I haven’t used it since I was 12. I should really lock it to a bridge or something when I am in Italy.

My Canadian Debit Card 

I have very little money in my Canadian bank account and I can’t remember the PIN for my card. But I worry I will need it if I leave it behind and won’t have it.

My Canadian Health Card

I don’t even have a paranoid reason for carrying this with me, it is of absolutely no use in Europe. I think it’s just a lifelong habit. I do keep it with my valid insurance card though, so as long as I have one, I always have the other.

High Heels and a Fancy Dress

I would like to think my life is much more glamorous than it is and I like to be prepared. Even when I was farming in Scotland, I had an LBD and heels in my bag… just in case the cows wanted to go out one night with the sheep.

Reading Glasses I Rarely Need and Don’t Use When I Do Need Them

I have a stigmatism type problem that I struggle to read with when I am tired. I have had reading glasses to help me with it since first year of university and I keep them in my bag. I should probably use them but don’t like to so I don’t… I just bring them everywhere … just in case.

Hair Curlers

I love having curly hair and pretending to be Shirley Temple. However, my hair only holds a curl if I sleep in foam rollers. They are not hard to put in and I find it relaxing, but they look kind of ridiculous so I don’t usually wear them if I have to share a room with anyone. Yet… I always pack them so I have to options of curling my hair.

A Passport I Can’t Use

My Canadian passport is of no use to me in Europe unless I want to get myself deported. I only travel on my Irish passport, but always carry both of my passports. Why? Incase I need to ask for refuge at a Canadian Embassy because they are more frequent than Irish embassies. I checked. Will this ever happen? Probably not… but JUST IN CASE.






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