The Hague and Scheveningen


In late October, I drove to the Hague with my brother and our Dutch friend. We all had a free day and decided to pile into my Fiat and go somewhere new. I have no idea why we chose the Hague other than that none of us had been there before, including our Dutch friend. We did no research on things to see or do, we just got up one morning and set off to see what we found. This is probably the coolest part of my new life: the ability to pop over to another country for the day with no plan. I should say that a plan is usually helpful though, and I have had several mishaps without one.


Canadian Embassy, The Hague

We spent the entire day walking around the Hague, exploring and goofing around. I do not remember going inside a single building the entire time we were there. We just roamed aimlessly; it was a beautiful day and we had no where to rush to, so we took our time and explored. We walked past the Peace Palace, through the Royal Stables, public gardens, and visited the Parliament buildings. I bought a purse in the Passage and we had beer outside of the court house. We stumbled upon the Canadian embassy by accident and stuck out feet through the fence so we could stand on Canadian soil.

Wade in the Water


At the end of the day, we drove out to the beach at Scheveningen to watch the sun set over the Ocean. It was so beautiful there and we were having such a great time that we decided to stay and have dinner at a pop-up restaurant late on the beach. We found a place with couches arranged around a fire and settled in. We stayed by the fire until the sun was gone and the coast was light with the neon lights of clubs and restaurants on the boardwalk. We walked along the water under the pier and then down the pier itself, stopping to listen to live music. Finally, we drove home.

It was a perfect day.




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