Groesbeek Canadian Cemetery


Groesbeek Cemetery in the Netherlands is the final resting place of over 2,000 Canadian soldiers who died in WWII. Many of these soldiers died in Germany but their bodies were taken to Grosbeak cemetery. A Canadian General ordered that no Canadians were to be buried on German soil and so there are several Canadian War Cemeteries throughout the Netherlands. The cemeteries are cared for by Dutch children who plant red and white roses between the graves and light candles over them on certain nights of the year. Every year, countries all of the world send a platoon of soldiers to Groesbeek to march in a race called the Walk of the World. Every platoon stops at the Canadian Cemetery on the last day of the race to ceremoniously lay a wreath at one of the monuments. We drove to Groesbeek from Germany to watch the ceremony and no words could describe how moving and overwhelming it was to be there.


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