Living near the Dreilandespunt

Living in Germany is fantastic and there is so much about life here that I love. My FAVOURITE part about living in Germany is the location of where I live. My town is near a place called the “Dreilandespunt” or the ” three lands point” which marks where the borders of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands meet. This means that there are two other countries to explore within driving distance of my house. Very often, I end up in all three countries not just within a single day, but within a single hour (usually hunting for something in a grocery store).

The list of major cities near enough to visit on a day trip is longer than my arm. Some of the places that I have already been to include the Hague, Roermond, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Aachen, Liege, Brussels, Bruge, and Maastricht. Recently, I even visited Luxembourg as I passed by on my way home from Trier, the oldest city in Germany, and managed to visit an entirely new country on a Sunday afternoon unplanned. In between all of these major cities, are charming small towns, castles, farms, rivers, and the blessed autobahn (cue the stars in my eyes).

The convenience of my location is one of the reasons that I am able to visit so many places affordably. The second reason I can afford travel easily is the number of airports within driving distance of my house. Because I have three countries worth of airports to chose from, I can shop flights for the absolute cheapest flights on Ryanair or Skyscanner to wherever I want to go in Europe. I have had so many things to see by car that I have not taken advantage of my opportunities by plane as much as I would like. However, I am running out of day trips and I booked several plane tickets for the coming months over the past week. 😀


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