Why I Left Canada

This is not the part where I share some deep and insightful information on how I decided to leave home and boldly go where oh so many have gone just all on my own. Oh no, I am not that brave or ambitious. Bold and fool-hearted is more my thing these days.

My parents were moving to Germany for work and I have dual citizenship with Ireland. I have always wanted to move to Europe and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to go; I had just graduated university, had yet to begun looking for a full time job and my status as an adult was questionable at best. I figured, hey, this is a great stepping stone for immigration because I’ll have other people around to go through the process with me. Even better, I’ll have my parents who will always help me out even though I am theoretically a self-sufficient adult with a university education. Awesome. Great plan. Bye Canada, love you!

That is the logic of a 22 year-old at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. What the fuck was I thinking, right?



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