Surprise! I’m in Dublin!

My mystery trip was to Dublin! I'm very excited (and slightly embarrassed) to be in Ireland for the very first time. Even though I am an Irish citizen, I had never set foot on the emerald island until yesterday. I will make a longer post later about my trip, but here are the answers to... Continue Reading →

The Madness of Bundesliga

My brother recently came to visit us from Canada for a weekend. Hayden loves soccer and my mum has wanted to take him to a game in Germany for a while. She managed to find four tickets very last minute to a Friday night Bundesliga game in Leverkusen, near Cologne.

Climbing the Köln Cathedral

I have only been to Cologne (Köln) once so far and was disappointed by my visit because I love history. Cologne is a very modern industrial city and does not have the same history as other cities in Europe.

Strakonice, Czech Republic

My favourite Aunt is Czech and she tries to bring my cousins to Europe to visit her family every couple of years. This year was the first time we were able to join them and the first time I had been to the Czech Republic since my Aunt married my mother's brother 20 years ago.

Aachen, My Happy Place

There are so many reasons I love Aachen and I feel so at home in the city that I never feel as if I am in a foreign country when I am there. Though it is not exactly close to my house, I find myself in Aachen very frequently.

Groesbeek Cemetery in the Netherlands is the final resting place of over 2,000 Canadian soldiers who died in WWII. Many of these soldiers died in Germany but their bodies were taken to Grosbeak cemetery.

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